Why Invest With Final Take Productions?

FINAL TAKE PRODUCTIONS PVT. LTD. seeks to create worth for our shareholders by generating compatible, coherent and sustainable earnings while achieving strategic growth.

We manage to endow the financial data and reports within the specific period of time. What separates our site from others in investor relation is that we are focussed on providing context on the company's strategy and clarity about its execution and vision.

We interpolate in our core businesses, maintaining a lower risk discipline well-aligned with our strategy, and focussing our activities with media and entertainments-leading grounds and fundamentals.


It is this sheer focus of ours that has served our stakeholders well. We hold a position of substantiality. We are guaranteed of our strong future and are consistent in assuring the growth and success of the Final Take Production Pvt. Ltd. as part of our commitment to focus on the mutual success with our investors.

We are investing in our strategic plans and are committed to invigorate our business to drive returns and create everlasting value for our shareholders.

Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet

Review a summary of shareholder information and highlights of Final Take Production's performance.

Investor Presentations
Investor Presentations

View recent investor presentations on Final Take Production's strategy.

Quarterly Results
Quarterly Results

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FAQs for Investors

No, because through each step of the investment process we will guide you.

To qualified investors only, investments are restricted. Our information packs will be directly accessible to you on registration. A secured film investment agency is Final Take Productions.

This will depend on how long it takes to finish every facet of the production, but if the movie works out well, you should start generating returns as soon as it opens to the public globally.

The minimum entry for each film offering is different. Stating the limits on each investment opportunity, you will receive the MMC investment pack on registration.

The money you invested in equity is transferred straight to the agents' Final Take Production Pvt. Ltd. account representing the production company that is producing and making the film.

We only engage in promoting films that will provide our investors with a guaranteed Completion Bond. This implies that the Completion Bond guarantees investors and producers that the movie will be delivered to the distributor and agrees to cover any excess production costs in the unlikely event that the film production runs out of money prior to completing all of the editing or other post-production activities. Similar to normal insurance policies, these bonds indemnify the investor by withholding a small percentage of the film's profits.

An independent third party collections agency that is appointed and has a good reputation collects all of the profits, which are then given to each investor through the auditing accountants.

With its own film production bank account, normally each film has its own unique limited company. In some cases, spreading the risk, there are however some offerings that include a bank of films.

You are advised to hold your investment for a minimum 3 years to remain eligible if you are an Indian tax resident and your particular investment qualifies under the EIS tax relief scheme. Different rules will apply if you are an investor from outside India. As a result, when the movie has been delivered and released theatrically around the globe, you can sell your investment.

This will happen following the premiere date of the movie at theaters worldwide. We strive to put our clients in the best possible position to get their money back as quickly as feasible. You would then receive 100% of your capital back plus a 25% recoupment premium, depending on the offering. This is normally given to you before the production firm receives any profits. Essentially, investors have their money returned ahead of the studio.

You would be entitled to a percentage of all the profits the film generates once you have received your initial investment back plus the recoupment premium. This amount can range anywhere from 20% to 50% pro-rata of all the film`s lifetime profits and is determined by the film investment contract you enter into.

You can receive royalty / dividend profits for up to 25 years and possibly beyond whether the film is successful or not. DVDs, cinema box office, subscription TV, Blu-ray, internet downloads, etc. - all media are included. Merchandising is also included in some cases.

Yes, it can be quite beneficial.

Your designated bank account will receive the profits that investors will get from the specialist media chartered accountants in India.

Generally it will be paid twice a year for the first ten years, thereafter once a year but this depends on each individual film's terms and conditions.

  • Invitation to all world premiers.
  • Regular newsletters of your production progress.
  • In the film you invest in, there will be an invitation to be an extra in the film.
  • If the film is nominated, you have invitations to any award ceremonies
  • From the stars of the film when available, you get signed posters, DVDs, photos etc
  • If your investment is high enough, you get the option to become one of the executive producers of the film.
  • On the end credits, you would then be entitled to have your name highlighted.
  • The film's everlasting history will include a part of you.
  • Receive exceptional returns.

Yes, we strongly urge investors to diversify their investment portfolio with us by choosing to invest in each of our current film offerings since we believe in the old proverb of not keeping all your eggs in one basket.

We will send you our current offerings once you fill in the form below.