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Final Take Production Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best, reputed and fastest growing video, audio/ Music & Artist Management company in Delhi, NCR India. We offer a wide range of audio and video making services like Audio/ Vocal Recording, Music Video Shoot, Corporate Video Making, and TVC advertising video, Feature Film Making, Documentary Film Making and many more.

Final Take Production comprises of highly-skilled professional team which has succeeded in establishing a brand value when it comes to the best audio and video production company in Delhi. We understand your end to end requirement and capture your story in the most compelling manner by focusing on the targeted

Our Video Production Process

01 Pre-Production

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Floorplan
  • Shootlist
  • Crew Section

02 Production

  • Filming
  • Voice-Over (V.O)

03 Post Production

  • Editing
  • Special Effects
  • Music
  • Final Edit, Grade, Mix and Master

We are Creative, Young and Friendly!

Suren Chandravanshi
Founder & Managing Director
Soni Singh
Director of Finance
Manish Kumar
Production Manager
Dinesh Sah
Music Producer
Harish Dhiman
Creative Film Director
Ayesha Rain
Creative story creator & Singer

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To some of your frequently asked questions, here you will find some quick answers. We are only a phone call or email away or can check out our Services Page if you have additional questions.

We do our very best to work within your timeline since every client project is a little different. Our process includes the following general outline. To develop a concept and a timeline to execute it, pre-production involves emails, phone calls and/or in person meetings. This may also entail storyboarding, script writing, location scouting and hiring talent. The second step is production, which includes filming and all accompanying tasks (lighting, set design, sound, and teleprompter). Post-production is the third step which includes motion graphic production, editing, several stages of client review and audio mixing until a finished product is received by us and the client gets all the files delivered.

When considering the timeline for your video, many factors are at play. From concept to delivery, typically a basic 2-minute video can be completed within 4 - 8 weeks. It will take longer to produce a video depending upon the complexity of it. We will talk over your needs and the best way to meet your timeline during our pre-production meetings.

Based on a variety of factors (final length, narration, music, motion graphics and editing time, days of shooting needed) the cost of your investment in a professional video varies. Depending on video story and visual requirements, costs may vary from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 10, 00,000 per day of the shoot. To understand exactly what you are buying, we will ask you a few questions and provide an accurate estimate to you with line item costs.

To enhance the viewers experience, motion graphics generally describe shapes/text/color that has been animated within a video project. A great deal of information can be presented to a viewer in an engaging and effective manner through the use of animation techniques such as transitions, rotations, scales, and opacity. To grab and hold the viewers attention, motion graphics can be a great tool to bring your ideas to life and add that flash and flow.

In our studio or on location, we have the ability to film. We will help you source the best location to secure a place to film. Some locations can be secured for a minimal budget like a home or office locations.

It is very important to be prepared for your interview. Other than black or white, solid colors work the best. Also avoid busy patterns and stripes.

As part of our pre-production process, Final Take Productions will partner with you on script writing. To best learn about your business and the goals you wish to achieve with your video, we do ask our clients to be prepared to provide us with as much content and information as possible.

To make your video production successful, a professional voice actor is essential. It is a fact that the audio is as important as the video. Though it adds up to your budget, you will not regret the decision to stick with a professional narrator. We may be able to provide this in house service where applicable.

To make comments and changes on the finished video, we provide our clients with 2 opportunities in general. We will be glad to discuss on a case by case basis, since we do understand that some circumstances require unforeseen changes to be made. It may incur additional expense because of the changes that are requested after the included revisions. To ensure it is approved, we will always discuss these costs with you beforehand.

We definitely understand that things change but we strive to provide our clients with a video that best meets their needs. We do allow for a certain number of revisions to this point, depending on the project. It may incur additional expense for the changes that are requested after the included revisions. To ensure it is approved, we will always discuss these costs with you beforehand.

Absolutely, be it online or offline we can provide any file type for any occasion. Give us a call at 8084187424 for more information and other frequently asked questions.